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            Search for a property or room

            Tap the Search bar at the top or the Magnifying Glass and type in the Property Name.

            Room record

            Goto Contact - Property / Room - Select Room

            Details - Fire type, Model, Age
            Images - Take pictures straight from your mobile device and store them in the room record
            Videos - Store links to videos.
            Docs - On a desktop you can import PDF's.
            Forms - This is where Sweeping Certificates are stored, you can also created a new Certificate from here.
            History - A complete chronological record of everything you have done with this room, including pictures taken.
            Notes - Make notes about this fire place or appliance for reference when you revisit. Recorded in chronological order with a time stamp.

            Add a Room 

            From the Contact and the Property / Room tap Add Room


            Select the property where the Room is from the drop down or create a new one by pressing +


            Select the Room description  - If the Room description does not feature in drop down press other and type the name in the box below.


            Select the type of appliance. If it does not feature in list you can tap other and write a description in the box below.

            Default service

            To save time when you are invoicing you can enter a service you normally carry out in this room. If the service has a duration attached to it when you make an appointment for this room the appointment duration will adjust accordingly. It will not go less than your default time in settings in Step 1.

            Installation Date, Model and Serial No. 

            These are not required fields but a useful reference.
            Then Save

            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 01:29 AM
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