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            You can invoice straight from an appointment or use the invoice icon and tap +
            Invoices are sent by email and will contain a link to the invoice. This is a "live" link so if you mark an invoice a paid this will be reflected on the invoice. Some customers are unhappy about tapping a link and Yahoo are not displaying the link. For this reason you can now elect to send a PDF. Tick the PDF option box in the customer record if you want this to happen for a particular customer. New


            Invoicing from appointment in calendar

            Tap the appointment then invoice on popup.
            1. You will first be asked if you would like to schedule the next appointment. If yes (recommended) choose the number of months. This will move the calendar on so you can make the next appointment. Click a suitable date/time. All of the information from the current appointment will be copied onto this new appointment (edit if necessary). Please note a reminder will be sent to your customer 1 month before the selected date. This gives plenty of time for them to contact you if they need to change the date/time. When completed you will be back in the invoice screen, ready for invoicing.
            2. If you have entered a Room when you made the appointment the Room description will appear here.
            • If you had added a Default Service for this room the room name and the Default Service will appear. Go straight to Send and take payment.
            • If no default service then from drop tap down select a service, start typing to shorten list. If you want to add more than one tap the arrow. Click the down arrow or anywhere outside the popup to close list and then Save. You can manually adjust the price as a one off.
            • Alternatively Add new if you want to free type a new service type a description and add the price. If VAT / Tax registered the Ex VAT figure is first one. If you don't want to charge Tax select NoVAT. If you want to save this service into your service list tick the box.
            • Add line if you want to add more.
            3. If you did not put a Room in the appointment click Add Line.
            • Select one of the customers Properties / Rooms or type in box new name to add another one. Before completing you will be asked for a location, select this.
            • Follow procedure from 2 above.

            Invoice without appointment

            1. From Invoice list (Tap Invoice icon) select  +
            2. Select the Customer to invoice
            3. Add Line. 
            4. Select Property / Room description. 
            • Select the appointment date if required. New
            • See above for invoice procedure
            Invoice notes: Write any note you would like to appear on the owners invoice.
            Email address: Add email address if you would like to send the invoice to somebody as well as the contact.

            Save for Later

            Click top right if you would like to just save this invoice without sending to customer or getting payment for editing later. Appointment will go a Salmon colour. Click on any Salmon appointment  to edit or take payment (see below).

            Send and take payment 

            Tap Send and Take Payment and confirm.
            Option 1 Customer registered for "Autopay"
            If your customer has registered with GoCardless (Europe) or Stripe (US) you will be asked if you want to take payment in this way.
            Select Yes and neither you nor your customer has to do any more.
            Select No and you can choose an alternative payment method.
            If Yes the invoice amount will be automatically collected and be in your bank account a few days later. The appointment will turn Bright Green but then Paid Green when confirmation from server that payment has actually been taken.
            If you want to check goto your account or
            Option 2 Customer not registered for "AutoPay"
            In popup select payment method. 
            Stripe - Take a Credit or Debit card you need to be online the first time you select this method, follow instructions. The second time if you and your customer elected to store the last 4 digits of their card you do not need to be online.  
            Cash - The appointment will go Green and assume you have received the cash.
            Cheque - The appointment will go Amber.  If you collect the cheque and are happy it will clear then you can mark as paid straight away. 
            Bank Transfer - Your customer has "promised" to pay you at a later date. The appointment will go Amber indicating you have not been paid yet. When you receive the money you will need to mark as paid. Click on any Amber appointment to Resend invoice.
            Square - You can continue to take payment if you already have a Square account using your own App. The appointment will assume you have received funds and will go Green.
            PayPal - You can mark the invoice as having been paid by PayPal if your customer pays you in this way. Appointment will go Green. We do not have a link to PayPal.
            Other - You can make a note of any other payment arrangements i.e. going to pay in 2 instalments, sending a cheque etc. The appointment will go Amber ready for you to mark as paid when payment arrives.
            New Customers can also now pay you direct from their invoice. If you are not paid at the time of the appointment (Amber) and you are registered with Stripe they can click the Pay button on their invoice. They enter their card details and make payment. The appointment will change to Green so you know they have paid.

            Forgotten to invoice

            If you forget to invoice or didn't get to the appointment, the following day the appointment will go Red. This will help to make sure you never forget. If you didn't get to the appointment either Edit then Delete or move to a new date.

            Resend an invoice

            If a customer makes the excuse they have never received their invoice just resend and ask them to look in spam. Select the appointment from the customer record or the list of invoices. Select the invoice you want to resend and then click resend.

            Void an invoice

            You are not able to delete an invoice but if you have made a mistake you can void an invoice and then re-invoice. The deleted invoice will be ignored in your invoice/sales summary.

            Printing / saving an invoice

            Every browser gives you the option to print normally hidden until you hover top right. You can also save in this way. If you are on a tablet / phone you can Bluetooth to a printer.

            Monthly accounts.

            We strongly recommend if you are going to allow a customer to have a monthly account you insist they register with our “Autopay” provider. GoCardless in Europe and Stripe in the US. This will mean that at the end of the month your money is collected automatically and the appointments will turn Bright Green and then Paid Green. See Monthly accounts for more details.

            Export invoice list  

            Tap Export top left. Select Summary or Full list - the date range and you will receive an email with a button to download all invoices for that date range.

            Full list

            Every invoice line shown. This is used if exporting into an accounting package.


            This list does not show separate invoice lines just a summary with the invoice total.   This should be all your bookkeeper needs.                                                                                                                           

            Updated: 08 Jul 2018 03:01 AM
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