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            How to: Make appointments


            How to: Make a Customer appointment

            Tap any day/time on the calendar or tap the +. Make sure the date and time are correct then select your customer contact from the drop down or start typing their name. Select location (this can be at a Management Company and then select the Room/s. This will email confirmation to your customer as well as a 24hr reminder. If you have entered a duration in the default service record the appointment length will auto correct. New

            How to: Move a customer appointment

            On a mobile device hold current appointment for 3 seconds and drag to new date/time (only within that week view). Alternatively tap the appointment and then Edit and make the necessary changes. An email confirming the changes will be sent unless you have unticked the send email box.

            How to: Delete an appointment

            Select the appointment, Edit and at the bottom Delete. This will completely delete all record of the appointment.

            How to: Make a Management Company appointment

            Tap any day/time on the calendar or tap the +. In Contact select the Management Company (it will be easier to find if you have put a Company name when entering the Management Company details). Tick the Room/s you are attending. You can add more when you come to invoicing if you attend to extra Rooms whilst there. 

            How to: Repeat an appointment

            If you are attending a Householder or Management Company on a regular basis, tick the repeat box. Select the number of Days/Weeks between visits and the the total number of appointments you want to make. Only the first appointment will get the appointment email sent but the others will receive a 24 hour reminder. 

            How to: Make a tentative appointment

            Tap any day/time on the calendar or tap the +. In Appointment type select Tentative and then the customer. This will not email the customer until you convert to a Customer appointment. The appointment will go grey.

            How to: Make a personal appointment

            Tap any day/time on the calendar or tap the +. Adjust time as necessary. In Appointment type select Personal and write a note i.e. On holiday. Repeat if you want to make it for more than one day. i.e. Repeat every 1 day 4 times. This will set 4 days in succession.

            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 04:12 AM
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