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            How to: Invoice and get paid


            How to: Invoice 

            Tap Appointment select Invoice, make next appointment if required (tap on the required date and time). If Room was in the Appointment select service/s to charge for. Edit price if required. Add new if you want to free type a service that's not in your normal service list. Tick, Add this as a new service, if you want to add it to your list of Services.
            Add a note if you want to write something on the invoice for the customer to view.
            Add an email if you want invoice to go to an additional person. 

            How to: Invoice without an appointment

            Tap Invoice icon then  Add line - Add appointment date to this line if required -  Select the Room/s - Select the service/s - Save. Add another line to invoice more Rooms. When finished add any notes and additional emails.

            How to: Get paid - AutoPay

            After invoicing if your customer has registered for "Autopay" (Direct Debit / ACH) select this method of payment. The invoice will be sent and payment automatically collected. Allow up to 5 days for the payment to arrive in your account. The appointment will go a different green whilst it is "pending". You can look in your GoCardless (UK/Europe) Stripe (US) account to check progress.

            How to: Get paid - Credit / Debit card

            Tap Send and Take Payment. Select Credit / Debit card and follow the instructions. You must be online the first time this card is used. If your customer gives you permission you can "save" the card details for next time (important we never store card or bank details of your customers). The second time you select this card to take payment you do not need to be online. The first time you take payment it can take 7 days for it to reach your account.
            New Customers can also now pay you direct from their invoice. If you are not paid at the time of the appointment (Amber) and you are registered with Stripe they can click the Pay button on their invoice. They enter their card details and make payment. The appointment will change to Green so you know they have paid.

            How to: Get paid - All other methods

            Tap Send and Take Payment. Select which method your customer is going to pay you. If you are not sure mark as Unpaid. You can select payment method later. Adding how they paid will be helpful for your bookkeeper later.

            How to: Accept part payment

            Tap Send and Take Payment. Mark UnPaid. Then tap on appointment - Mark as paid - Enter the amount you are part paid and select method. The appointment will stay Amber. Repeat when you get further payments. When 0 balance appointment will go Green.

            Updated: 08 Jul 2018 02:58 AM
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