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            Forms / Certificates


            Each profession has a selection of “forms” they can use. These are documents that you can complete to be stored in the animal record. In some cases they can also be mailed to your customer and vets. They can be drawn on and in some cases picture embedded in the form. Most of the forms can be signed by your customer.


            Issue digital Certificates / Warning notices that your customers or you can print if required. Use coloured paper if you want then to match the original printed version.

            Create a form new

            You can complete a form from 2 places.
            Appointment pop up - Tap the forms button and select the form you want to complete. You are only able to see certificates applicable to your Association. You must have a room name in the appointment to do this. 
            Room record - Tap the forms and then +

            Updated: 26 Feb 2018 05:56 AM
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