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            Tap the App logo upper left corner, icon bottom left to get to the Home screen.


            The colour of the E logo, upper right corner, indicates whether you have a good enough signal Green / Red for the upload and download of info. Your App will work without any wifi or mobile internet signal. If you damage or lose your mobile device the only info you will ever lose is anything you entered after you last had a decent signal. Always be safe and secure use a strong password. Support is only available when online.


            Settings dropdown. We suggest you stay logged in.  This will ensure you always have access to up to date info. At the bottom of the list is the version you are using and a logout button.

            Search Bar / Magnifying Glass

            You can search for a property / customer name to see when you last visited or just a quick way of finding a customer record.

            Setup Progress Circles Top

            This indicates your setup progress. It will stop appearing when you get to 100% unless you click one of the cog items.

            Today's appointments

            A list of todays appointments. Map view of all of your appointments. Click on one to go to, day view in calendar. Tap the SMS icon to send a message saying you are just leaving your last customer and will be there shortly. Tap the navigation icon to get to your customer using your preferred routing app.

            Locate your Field Users (Primary User only)

            See where your vans are.

            Tentative appointments (grey)

            This is a list of appointments you have "penciled" in. Your customer will not have been notified. You must change this to a customer appointment (blue) if you want to confirm it. Select the appointment and change to a customer appointment when you want to confirm it.

            Reminder notes for Appointments

            In the middle of a job and a customer calls? Click the circle find the customer and make a note.  If it’s a new customer, you will need their name and phone number. Make a note to remind you why you have entered this customer.  If you just want to make a note, then ignore the name and phone number.
            Tap one of the notes you have created and you can call this customer or if an existing customer it will goes straight to the make an appointment screen. You will need to have a date / time in mind. If it' a new customer you will need to complete some basic information before progressing onto creating an appointment.

            Call these customers

            Be proactive! If you or your customer has forgotten to make an appointment it will appear in this list. When you complete a sweeping certificate one of the fields is Next Sweep due. Your App looks forward to see if there is an appointment made. If there is no appointment made, then 2 months prior to when there should be an appointment, the customer and property details will appear here reminding you call that customer to make an appointment. If you still have not made an appointment one month prior to this date an email goes to your customer reminding them to call.

            Items in queue

            This shows how many items in your App are waiting to be synched with the server. When your device connects to the internet, this should go to 0. If you experience frequent issues with this, then visit Support through the Menu (top right) and Add Ticket for Support.  Our support team will then contact you. If you need to log out make sure the Queue has cleared first. You can click on the circle to see what is in the Queue. If you do send a support ticket let us know what is in the Queue by clicking on the circle.

            New owners this month

            Lets you know how many new homeowners you have created this month. Click on the circle to add a new one.

            Hours worked this week

            Visual guide to how many hours you have worked this week. If you want set yourself a target do it in Setup Step 1.


            Snapshot of your Invoices as follows:
            Invoiced this month - sales for this month.
            YTD - Year till date, is from the beginning of your financial year as entered in business settings.
            Total unpaid - invoiced but not marked as paid (Amber).  This does not include payments that are pending (bright green) GoCardless / Stripe ACH.


            Messages and notifications from ZeroAdmin.

            Updated: 13 Mar 2018 07:16 PM
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