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            There are different contact types and are colour coded.
            Red dot - Householder
            Green dot - Supplier
            Blue dot - Multi householder
            Light green - Insurer 
            You can filter them using the contacts button at the top with the downward arrow.

            View Contacts

            Launch Contacts by tapping the icon on the bottom Navigation bar. You can filter Contacts by Contact type, using the blue down arrow in the upper left corner.
            Householder -  All of the householder’s information stored here including properties they own with room and fire details.
            Multi householder - A person or company looking after a number of properties not necessarily owned by them. They will be invoiced for these properties.
            Suppliers - Companies that supply you products.
            Insurers - Useful if you need to send them a Certificate



            Contact Name and Type
            Contact information such as Phone, Mobile, Email, Website, Address, "AutoPay" Registration Status and Notes can be viewed here.
            Tap the Phone Icon to call the Contact's mobile.
            Tap the Pin to view the Contact's location on a Map.

            Properties / Rooms

            This shows Property/s the Contact is responsible for. It also shows any Room/s and upcoming appointments in these properties. The first one will always be the "home" address.
            Tap any Room to see the Room details.


            This is a chronological list of invoices that have been sent or saved for this customer. Tap on one of the coloured boxes to perform further actions. You can only view invoice PDF's when you are online.
            To create an invoice without an appointment, tap the plus sign (+) and select the customer you want to invoice (see Invoices for further instructions).

            Add Contacts from your phone book

            Tap Import (phone only).
            Scroll through your phone contacts and select all of the ones you want to Add. If they haven't got an email you will be alerted. They will all go in as Home owners. You will need to change if they are a Multi property or other type.

            Add Contacts from a spreadsheet

            You will need to get in contact with us for this. Your contacts need to be in the form of a CSV or Excel file. We will do the importing for you.

            Add a Contact 

            To add a new Contact, tap the plus sign +, in the upper right corner and enter the details. The fields marked with * are required to add a new Contact. It is important (but not a required field) to have an Email for your Contact so they get the full benefits of you using the App.
            Contact type
            Select from the drop down the type of contact you want to add (at the moment you can't change types after you have saved a contact, you will need to delete and create again)
            First Name and Last Name*
            Email Address
            Email address of your Customer. This MUST be a real email. It is not a required field although much better if you do have one.
            Contact's website for your information.
            *Required for the system to send SMS reminders automatically.
            Address, Town, Postcode / Zip
            Complete as fully as possible so you can view your Contact's location on the map and plan a route.
            Invoice monthly
            Check only if you have agreed with the Owner or Management Company that they can pay you monthly. It is recommended that you get them to sign up to one of the "AutoPay" options to pay you. See separate guide for more details on how this works.
            Add AutoPay such as GoCardless / Stripe ACH link to welcome email 
            If you have completed Step 8 in your setup, (7 in the US) a Check box will appear here. Check the box, if you want to request your Customer to register for an AutoPay system such as GoCardless to pay you. A note is added to your customer's welcome and appointment emails, requesting them to register. Good for regular customers.
            Enter your notes here for this Contact. You can view and edit anytime.
            Note: Once you tap the Save button, you will be asked if you would like to add an Room to this Contact before leaving this screen.

            Add a Property / Room 


            Select the Room description - If the Room description does not feature in drop down press Other and type the name in the box below.


            Householder pre selected. Multi property - Change Property - Select property - Add Property if property does not feature in drop down.


            Select the type of appliance. If it does not feature in list you can tap other and write a description in the box below.

            Installation Date, Model and Serial No. 

            These are not required fields but a useful reference.

            Next suggested appointment

            • Either, when you first entered the customer into the system and you entered when last swept and the frequency, the date will show here.
            • Or based on the last certificate you have completed for this room. You will have entered the next suggested visit on the certificate. This is the date here. 2 months before this is due the customer name will appear in your Call these customers circle on the home page. This is reminding you that this customer needs a call. If you have already made an appointment then it will not appear in the list.  If no appointment is made your customer will get a reminder email to call you one month before this date. 

            Updated: 23 Apr 2018 05:36 AM
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